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plastic bin and then turned to the cupboard.
Collecting a mug and the jar of coffee he went to
the sink unit drawer for a teaspoon.

   "Bollocks," he said quietly, when he found their
place empty.

   He took one from the dirty dishes in the bowl in
the sink. Under the tap-water he rubbed it with his

   He was gasping for a cup of coffee, but having
made it he realised it would be too hot to drink. He
felt really dull.

   It was then he remembered the orange juice in
the fridge and he took another mug and poured
himself some from the carton.

   Echo and the Bunnymen were wailing away, the
constant solid bass and the wandering lead guitar
and vocals.

   Having drunk the orange juice in one go, he
suddenly did not feel like the coffee. So leaving the
coffee on the sideboard he began to tidy up the
living room.

   Beryl moved on top of him. Riding him. He
watched her, lying on his back, enjoying her joy.

   He was in complete control when she came the
first time. She fell upon him totally wasted, like a
rag doll. He remained hard and slowly he began to
move to retain his hardness. Kevin held her by the
tops of her thighs as his movement became more
obvious. He pushed her up and she began to ride

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