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words pushed him over the edge.
   Kevin viewed himself in the bathroom mirror.
   "What a bleedin' mess," he remarked, without

the smile he had hoped for.
   Perhaps he'd phone and call it off. No. He

wanted to see her.
   Methodically he took out his shaving

implements. Every sound was as distinct as his
movements were purposeful. The flush of the
cistern seemed to crash forever. The rush of water
in the sink seemed louder.

   As he shook the can of foam with some reserve
of energy he moved his head from side to side,
viewing himself all the while and eventually a
sardonic smile stretched his mouth-line.

   "You and whose fuckin' army?" he said aloud.
And he shook the can vigorously and shunned the
hatchet buried deep in his head.

   "Oh Kevin, Kevin, only you. Only you," she had
gasped as he moved over her. Push. Push. Push.

   What a love-bite she had given him! He smiled
again. The lads at the garage had given him some
friendly gyp over that.

   Kevin checked his neck. Not a sign.
   Then to counter his smile his side flared.
   "Leave it out," said the stranger's girlfriend. But
the stranger knew she fancied Kevin and it was
enough to push him over the edge.
   He shoved Kevin, who, after falling into people,

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