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spilling their drinks, had crashed into a table.
   "Aye," shouted Terry.
   Kevin pulled himself up. His face burnt with

rage. But he knew the stranger would be ready. So
he had gone real close. Stood in front of him.
Using his eyes to burn holes in the bastard's face.
But making no move. Fooling the fucker into
thinking he was scared.

   Then as Terry pushed his way through the
crowded pub, Kevin had grabbed the bloke's wrists
with a vice-like grip, and like a sledgehammer he
had nutted him. It was his favourite move. And
with him dazed he had yanked him to him and
brought his knee up into the bastard's crotch. The
guy was almost on the floor when Kevin kicked
him in the guts. Magic.

   It all happened very fast.
   Terry shouted at Kevin and got Steve and Tony
to take him out.
   But Terry gave the guy on the floor the greater
bollocking. He was not a regular like Kevin. He was
banned from the pub.
   This was the second time Terry had balled
Kevin out and no doubt tonight he would receive a
lecture from him. Perhaps this time he would ask
him to stay away for a couple of weeks. Now that
would really piss him off.
   After his shave he climbed into the bath under
the shower and let the hot water cleanse his body.

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