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"I will," he said gruffly. The water could have
been dirtied by any number of people: the uniform
first on the scene, a witness, emergency
personnel, the killer or one of the victims.

   "Identities?" he asked stepping into the flat.
   "Unconfirmed," said Thiel. "But I think they were
the occupants." He fell silent and Hofmann
purposefully avoided inspecting at the bodies.

Lorenz, the Rechtsmediziner (forensic medical

expert), was crouched over the male victim and
Hofmann could see neither of their faces. The girl

looked asleep. Instead the Hauptkommissar

surveyed the lounge and dining room. This was his
way. Doors further in led to a kitchen, which
appeared undisturbed, the bathroom that was in
the throes of being tiled and the bedroom. Here
the cupboards and drawers were all open as if
someone had been searching for something. Was
robbery the motive?

   Thiel followed him about the flat like an
obedient dog.

   Hofmann returned to the lounge and turned his
attention to the bodies. Lorenz was now standing
looking down at the victims. The girl was in casual
attire and the lad in an overall. Contrasting the

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