Page 5 - and the man who loved cats
P. 5

"Don't tell me to lighten up. Just mind your own

   Of course he wanted a girlfriend. How stupid of
his father to tell him to get out and about. He liked
reading; he liked staying in. There was nothing
wrong with that.

   Fountains and foam flanked him. So many
people never connect.

   School hadn't been easy.
   "Watch out. Here comes the toff."
   "Hey, have you been frying chips in your hair,
   "Yeah, watch those spots. You'll get a lunar
module landing on your face one day."
   "Ah, leave him alone."
   But he had been surrounded by so many that
friendships were unavoidable. The working world
was an every-man-for-himself place.
   The water was so cold it was tasteless. It froze
the taste-buds. And the drowning girl seemed as
far away as ever; dangerously close to those
treacherous reeds.
   "Why couldn't I have had a brother or sister?"
   "Because we wanted to have you all to
ourselves. We wanted to spoil you."

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