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rousing him? His answer-phone kicked in after
twelve rings.

   He pulled the bedroom door aside and strode
across the lounge to the small table at his flat

   "Yeah, yeah," he whispered under his breath as
the phone rang for a fourth time.

   He snatched up the hand-piece. "Yeah?"
   "Hallo, Kevin."
   "Hi Mum. What's up?"
   "Kevin, I've got some bad news." She waited a
moment before continuing. He was wide-awake. "I
called last night, but you weren't in." The small red
light was not blinking. She never left messages. He
didn't understand it, but she didn't like the answer-
phone. She said it put her in a tizz and she didn't
know what to say.
   "What is it Mum?"
   "It's Sandra." His stomach clenched against the
churning. "Kevin, she's been involved in an
   "Is she okay?"
   "Oh Kevin." Was she crying? "No, she's not.
She's been killed."
   "Wha– You're–"
   He was silent and she was too.
   "How? What happened?"
   "Her sister phoned me last night. You'd better
phone her. As I understand it she got run over by

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