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Wednesday (October)

   The shorter woman, Silke, thought she saw him
first. But when she gasped and her pace faltered
her companion didn't question her.

   After a few steps both joggers stopped.
   Of course they had immediately seen the ravens
after rounding the deserted restaurant building
and entering the expansive play area. The birds
were as at home in Hamburg's city park as those
of the Tower of London. Only they didn't need
their wings clipped to keep them there. Then
again, neither of the women had seen so many
congregated in one place. Too many to count.
Fifty? A hundred? Intimidating in number.
   Silke pulled down the scarf that covered her
mouth, but kept her hand there. "My God."
   "He can't be alive," said Kathrin.
   Their words were visualised as ashen plumes
that almost instantly vanished in the vastness
about them.
   "We–" the cold and the shock stole her voice "–
we, er, should go closer."
   "Around the edge."

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